About Goddess of the Cosmos

Goddess of the Cosmos was created by a Master Cosmetologist and Licensed Esthetician with the desire to combine their knowledge of the Egyptian art of pampering and holistic healing with the use of nutrient rich organic botanicals.

For several years Goddess of the Cosmos has searched for the most organic, pure and minimally processed botanicals to utilize in their products

We use only the purest organic essential oils so there is no need for artificial fragrances. You will never see Water listed as an ingredient, no parabens, no artificial coloring, and no artificial preservatives. No animal products and certainly no animal testing!

We are coming back to center in the sense that we are beginning to love our selves in mind, body and spirit. Accepting that we all deserve to be happy, healthy and whole and that mother earth holds a treasure chest of healing secrets waiting to be discovered.

With every moment we spend treating ourselves holistically, whether we are nurturing our minds, bodies or the spirit within, we add the precious commodity of time to our lives.  


What Makes Us Unique

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How We Strive For Excellence

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